Asheville Computer Repair and Website Design


 We provide Asheville with Computer Repair and Website Design, Search Engine Optimization services and virus and malware removal. Have you ever been surfing the Internet and you are getting all these pop ups and even worse a message pops up and tells you to call a phone number so they can fix this issue? DON'T DO IT ! It’s Ramsonware ! A clever code that tells you for 400 hundred dollars they can remove this. They want to get in your computer remotely and show a bogus picture of errors. I have removed thousands of malware viruses just this year (2016) . I normally remove five to ten variations of Malware and or Ramsomeware every week. Plus with the tools I use, it's Gone !  Removal is Guaranteed !

Asheville Hard Drive RecoveryData recovery is also a specialty here at Gre Tek Systems ! Having recover data from dead hard drives from Wall Street traders, Bookkeepers to Accountants , no project is too big or small. If we are unable to retrieve any data then there is no charge !

If you live in the Asheville area or any cities in Buncombe, Henderson ,Madison or Yancey Counties and you are having computer issues and need computer repairs done correctly , then you have landed on the right website !

If your laptop or desktop computer just isn't running right and it's fairly new, 5 years or newer then give me a call and describe your issue and I can either come to your place of business or home. You can drop your tower or laptop at my office and I will tell you the honest truth on the  status of your computer system. Develop a plan of action to repair and optimize your computer  or maybe a new computer may be the way to go. Work Done is always guaranteed ! Call 828-335-5112 for great support !

 Desktop, Laptop Repairs and Great Support

Bring your desktop or laptop to my office and I provide free diagnostics tests !  If I can't fix it  NO CHARGE - RISK-FREE . Over 50% of my business of repairing or tweaking desktops and laptops in the Asheville area , Madison and Yancy counties are from referrals from my many happy customers?  Please check out all the information below for all my services that I provide, at all levels of technologies.

Asheville Desktop and Laptop RepairsWith over Thirty Plus Years in the computer world industry you can't go wrong !


 Read More about Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Services.

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Linux O/S

If you want to have the experience of working in a computer environment without the fears of malware or viruses then Linux is the way to go! call me for more information 828-335-5112

My Videos

Check out my YouTube Channel and get the latest information on technology right here in the Asheville area. I have some great tips and more on the way.

After Work Hours

You work 9 to 5 Monday though Friday. But you need your computer worked on after work. No problem ! I work with people after their work day, at no after hours rate. Call me to set an appointment 828-335-5112

Mac Computing

Using Apple product since the mid-80's, Let me fix or show you the in & outs of this great Operating System.

Virtualization WorkStations

I have been using Virtualization computing for the past 6 years. Let me show you how to run operating systems inside your computer with open source applications.

 Support Local Businesses In The Asheville Area

When using a Big Box Electronic Store or any Office Supply Stores that offers to fix computers, 85% of your money that you paid for your repairs goes out of our community and back to Corporate Headquarters in another State. Let's keep our money here in Asheville and Western NC, by shopping & using local business owners for your services. Even if you don't use my services, use a local small business owner !! Call 828-335-5112