Get To Know Glenn IT-Computer Repair Professional + More

IT Man GlennHaving been in the computer industry for well over 30 plus years ! I can help not only home users but also business users that are looking for a true professional hands-on computer technician and IT consultant. Having worked for a large Corporation down in Florida for 25 years ( Publix ) we decided to move up to the beautiful Asheville area 12 years ago. My beautiful wife and daughter and two dogs. and We built a home and settled in Weaverville.

When I'm not fixing computers or building websites for small and large businesses, I enjoy hiking and mountain biking and also cooking.
So if you're looking for somebody that has the knowledge not only of computer technologies, but what is needed now for 21st century ! then I am the person that you need to call. Thanks for visiting and hope to hear from you.

 When using a Big Box Electronic Store or any Office Supply Stores that offer to fix computers, 85% of your money that you paid for your repairs goes out of our community and back to Corporate Headquarters in another State. Let's keep our money here in Asheville and Western NC, by shopping & using local business owners for your services. Even if you don't use my services, use local businesses!