Asheville Police Cadet’s Laptop Data Saved & Working

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Asheville Customer Laptop FixedAsheville man had a laptop that got messed up during Windows upgrade. Data in the hard drive was critical! Being a police cadet for the Asheville Police Department, he had some documents there that was needed and was needed fast. He typed in data recovery in Google in Asheville area, and my website came up. Came by my office two hours later with the laptop and I could see that there were issues. The computer was not booting up. I was able to take the hard-drive out of this Asus laptop.

Data Recovered For Police Cadet

Attached the hard drive and put it in onto my computer that has software that can recover data from dead hard drives and sure enough, there were the documents that he needed. I was able to repair the problems with the laptop. There’s was a lot of errors in the structure of the hard drive. After about 6 hours of rebuilding the hard drive, the desktop booted back up. I was able to do the full upgrade to Windows newest operating system. The customer was pleased with not only retrieving the data that he needed but also that he didn’t have to buy a new laptop computer.